Friday, May 20, 2011

Fifteen Bucks!

I am a big fan of recycling, found objects, dumpster diving, and of course, used bike sales. This past weekend was no exception. With kids in tow we came upon a blue Nishiki Blazer for $15! Frame is in excellent shape, although bottom bracket, while still functional, will soon need an overhaul. We swapped its worn tires with those on my son's now seriously damaged Diamondback and voilĂ  -- very nice bike!


adventure! said...

Somehow it pains me to hear about bikes so low priced! Yeah, Portland's great for riding bikes, but used bike sales is tres overinflated. If I had my druthers I'd rent a U-Haul and head out there to buy up bikes!

Mark said...

Nice find! I found a nice Diamond Back for my daughter a few years ago for $7 and all it needed was a new front front wheel that I had laying around.

Of course the ultimate coup de grace is when you can take something like this, put a few bucks into it and flip it.

I found a Bianchi on the side of the rode that wouldn't sell at a tag sale, for $10. I think I put $100 into it to turn it into a fixie, commuted on it for a summer and sold it for $400!