Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bicyclists' Friends: Utility Workers

Lest I grow too jaded about the state of bicycle-friendly commuting here in central PA, I was happy to have a utility construction crew stop traffic for me as I rode up a hill where they were digging. Two "stop" sign holders blocked traffic at both ends of their dig site and waved me through, making my inclined passage in the narrowed road a bit easier.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Derailer Tweak & Sore Wrists

Finally I rode again today. Enough of the massive snow dump -- about 30 inches in the past 10 days -- had melted away from the berms of our narrow roads to permit my bike to pass safely between parked cars and those the passed me by.  The morning air was perhaps 30 degrees, making it quite tolerable with my balaclava.  The ride was even more enjoyable given a small tweak to my derailer adjustment so that my chain stopped popping so much off the high gears.The down side these days is that my wrists are sore from the low handle bar configuration on my Trek 800. Might need to spring for the upright handle bars (sigh) in the Spring. No other bicyclists seen.