Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bicyclist Hit!!!

At first, I thought this fire hydrant would be the highlight of my morning commute:

But only 100 yards beyond this intersection, things got much more interesting. It wasn’t the three bicyclists I had seen (a promising signal of the coming revolution). It was the sad inevitability of wayward motorists smashing into right-minded bicyclists.

I was headed east at the moment, coming to a stop at a traffic light because I am neutral-good. Mr. G. appeared to head south at the intersection when he got the green. An aging pickup truck also moved northward, turning left and then smacking Mr. G. as he headed into the intersection (having the right of way). The truck's driver had his eye on me, he alleged, leaving Mr. G. out of the driver’s sight as the rear of the truck swung its fateful turn! Fortunately, Mr. G was up and walking right away. Fortunatley, his shiny Trek roadbike was seemingly unscathed. Fortunately, the driver and the bicyclists were sane people and didn’t start screaming at one another. Fortunately, I and another spiffily dressed cyclist (whose bike had shiny fenders) offered assistance. It seemed to all end well…

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boiling to the Springs

Most family and friends shared their doubts about my riding this morning, with the temps and humidity being offensive by 9am. I was a bit reluctant to hit the road myself, and by the time I rode 4 of 12 miles I was feeling pretty tired.

Nonetheless, most of the ride to Boiling Springs is devoid of cars on weekend mornings. However, signaling the coming exurbanite hordes and their sprawling homes is a razed wooden fruit stand (right side of photo below), cleared away for a gasoline station and convenience store. Alas, the quaint response to the intersection of two state road is to be overrun by incorporated concrete and cash registers...and the pathway for my bicycle is to be made more dangerous by cars entering and exiting a gas station.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Irony

Being a (very proud) father of two I am tasked with driving them to day camp throughout the summer. That is, the school bus does not pick them up at the front of our home, and placing me at the wheel of an automobile instead of a bicycle for most of the summer. What irony -- some of the best months of biking forgone to a hulking minivan!