Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bikes May Pass!

The other day I was riding toward work, through a construction zone, and all the cars were stopped and waiting for the construction worker to spin the sign from STOP to SLOW.  But then the worker turned to me and said, "Bikes can go..."  while all the cars had to wait!

Your interpretations of this event are welcome...

Monday, April 9, 2012


If bicycles are an antidote to environmental stress, I'm not sure what to make of a mahogany bike rack. I saw this one in Charlottesville, VA, this weekend.  My first reaction was that it was a wonderfully crafty creation, but now I'm wondering if all the carbon offset made possible by this pedaler was just zeroed out by chopping down the tree from which this rack came.  Or maybe this is sustainably harvested mahogany (although I'm not sure given the time it takes to grow a mahogany tree). For this cyclist's sake, he did say the wood pieces were scraps from another's project, so maybe he saved on the shipping charges for bike rack shipped from China.