Monday, August 30, 2010

No Impact Biking?

I’ve got thirty minutes before my daughter’s bus arrives, and I need to have all my belongings consolidated into the panniers before heading out. This is often a nutty task because my intermodal life spreads my possessions between two cars and the panniers, not to mention various backpacks and bags, and the kitchen countertop. Alas the travails of lost keys, the pocket tool and what have you. But this is really a consequence of the material life. Yet, in contrast to the material nature of a minivan, which I've left at home this morning, I suppose a few small items are no matter.

I took note of other material happenings (or lack thereof) when I watched “No Impact Man," a documentary following an idealist New Yorker who strives to leave no impact on the environment. While he gives up toilet paper and refrigeration, he and his wife are chaotic neutral bicyclists to boot, yelling at vehicles in the bike lane. 

Yelling bicyclists in the suburbs of Harrisburg, however, would certainly gain the attention of police who have relatively few crimes to deal with, thus enabling them to direct their attention said bicyclists, who really needn't concern the police, but given the political culture here would be held as...hmm...socialists?