Friday, May 13, 2011

Bikeful Day

Many things coalesced yesterday (Thursday) that made it a very bikeful day. Not the least of which was gorgeous weather to pedal through on the way to the paper processing facility (AKA the office). As I moved through Camp Hill borough and then up 21st Street, I saw three colleagues in their cars (and they saw me thanks to the new day glow orange jersey). Collegial street encounters are more common than I realize, as more folks at various social occasions tell me they’ve seen me on one road or another. Good that they see me, lest I become squished. 

I rolled in behind the corporate office center and locked up.

It was another 90 minutes at the office when I realized that a conference presentation downtown was on a schedule not anticipated by yours truly. It was to start in seven minutes. I figured I could make it (hmm: 2.3 miles, but a third of that downhill).  I zipped from my office down to the bulging Susquehanna, then across it via the Harvey Taylor Bridge, and eventually pulled into the Hilton, making a quick change of clothes before stepping into the “Delaware Room”…not bad for rapid commuting!

And then, thank you bike for getting me to more errands: clothes at Boscov’s, printer cartridge at Staples, organic stuff at Giant. What could make more sense?

This is all happening in one biking day, and to top it off, my lovely wife rode her bike into town today as well.  Great job, sweetie!
My lovely wife riding a bike in the Netherlands about 28 months prior to Thursday.

But there is more biking news today, taking place even after the sun met its zenith and fell behind the horizon. At about that time, the phone rang and a friend asked if he could drop by to fix a defective rear-brake on his Mongoose. Together we discovered the role of a missing washer, and within 20 minutes had improved  the cantilever brake significantly. Very satisfying! 


safetystephen said...

Cool repair job! Don't you love knowing that some dealer is not going to shake down somebody!

A Midnight Rider said...

Nice of you to drop by and leave a comment. I do enjoy reading bike blogs from different areas.

I am also considering a tour not to far from you this summer. It's an outside shot but one none the less.

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