Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am So Embarassing!

It’s not too rare when I’m waiting for the red light to become green that my daughter’s yellow school bus with its black windows pulls alongside me, leaving me alongside my daughter and 30 of her schoolmates. It’s at this moment when she puts her hand in her face because …she’s embarrassed? Laughing? Don’t the school kids think I’m cool? Am I not deserving of my daughter’s pride in my exercising and keeping another car off the road? She tells me I am so embarrassing, but I hope the damage isn’t long term!

Very hot on the ride in to work. I seek even the smallest shadows – from street poles or trees – to provide shade while waiting at intersections.


Alan Vanneman said...

It's probably that Grateful Dead tee-shirt, Ben. And the beret.

Ben said...

No no. It's the day-glo orange jersey and bright yellow helmet. Plus I carry wine bottles along, too (um, on some days, in my panniers, because i'm running an errand).

Anonymous said...

I expect my lads will be saying the same someday, especially when I'm using the Bakfiets.