Friday, May 11, 2012

State Control

I am recently informed by our township leaders that the likelihood of a bike lane on the Pike is much less likely because it is a state road with heavier traffic. This was not pleasant news, and  seemed somewhat illogical. Big city bike paths are a case in point for me. Take New Yorkers, who pedal parallel to rush hour traffic on Eighth Avenue every day. Their bike lanes are associated with overall declines in bike fatalities since they were developed.

Of course, traffic free bike trails can offer an idyllic experience. There's a fine route from 25th and Market Streets in the Camp Hill Borough that finds its way through calm residential streets, then through a pedestrian tunnel, to Seibert Park.  

I hit about 52 mph on this hill!

I  hopped this bridge in one daring 30' jump!
Halfway north through Seibert Park trees surround the route, where it becomes an unpaved path. A small stream runs adjacent to the path, as it winds downhill toward the Conodoguinet.  I didn't have time to follow the Conodoguinet, but from that point, one can ride with little traffic for several more miles to and along Oyster Mill Rd., via Conodoguinet Drive.  
The Conodoguinet...finally free of sharks.
Unfortunately, none of these tree-lined routes get me to work...


anniebikes said...

That looks like a fun trail...river and lake way routes are attractive to sport users, but not strategically placed for commuters. Our lake front trail does seems to accommodate both, fortunately. Can you use this trail to get to work?

Anonymous said...
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