Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Shorts in November

Yesterday proved to be a counterfactual to my earlier post, in which I claimed my last day commuting in shorts. My failed weather-clothing prediction is no bother, however, as we cyclists never complain about riding in upper 60s temperatures.  

My commute takes me along this section of the Pike each time, where I've got at least four feet of berm to separate me from traffic:
3700 Block of Carlisle Pike
Ideally this  space would be converted into a bike lane. Simple pavement stickers and some signage would be (I hope) sufficient encouragement to get more cyclists on this route. Is it insufficient political push that hinders such progress? The route passes our state senator's office. Perhaps all cyclists ought to drop by her office and make their case, one by one, as they pass by.


Chafed said...

get together with a few of your friends. purchase paint and rollers. slink out in the quiet hours. paint in an attractive bicycle lane and be the change you want to see in the world..

Ben said...

i love the idea. HAve a legal defense fund?