Thursday, November 10, 2011

Borough Bike

I had to grab a prescription at CVS this afternoon (via car, unfortunately), and because I cycle around town, I know off-map spots to park the minivan and thus avoid rush-hour intersections. This cyclist (yes, the cyclist is represented by the bike; they are one) seems to know them too, as I saw her bicycle locked behind the CVS. However, why not lock up better?  Why not fully employ the 6-foot lock? Instead it is neglected, carelessly looped around only one part of the frame. Why not lock the wheels with your fine cable, and ample railing? Was it the gloomy weather that had you rushing from your bike?


Chafed said...

1. She was rushing to get a scrip for penicillin for her sick kid filled.

2. she knew that bike (sorry) was low risk for theft and just needed a mild deterrent.

do I get a prize if I guess correctly?

Ben said...

I'd say those are excellent possibilities, although I am sorry a prize is not in the offering!