Saturday, July 23, 2011

Germans Plan Their Bike Trips Better Than Me

OK, OK! I know I could plan my rides better, but this is too much!  Well, its not really too much. It's actually very cool and aesthetically and logically and technologically super. And if you happen to find yourself in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany you can take advantage of it. Check out this lovely route planner... 


Despite my planning shortcomings, I can proudly state that I am among a demographic of American men that is biking more frequently. Whether or not I am a Java scripting programmer (like some folks in the Scheswig-Holstein region), I am a member of a "biking more frequently" group, according to some analysis by folks over at Rutgers. Apparently, this "surge" happens most in cities that have upped the infrastructure for bikes. Given that I haven't seen any infrastructure surging around here, I must be an anomoly!

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