Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flat Views

Recently I hit a dry wall screw and it gave me a nasty flat. My patch kit failed twice, thus I had to walk. But from my perspective as a pedestrian, taking a step by step approach to the bicycling shop a mile ahead, I acquired a new view of the road I so usually ride on.  I very much appreciated this perspective: of the mulch the Chinese restaraunt owner is placing to improve his garden plot, two dogs who bark at those who amble past the flower stand, a woman's conversation about the bus she was waiting for, and a home renovation project tucked between narrow spaces of old home in the Borough.  These things don't usually appear us cyclists; we're moving too fast usually, and we're focused on riding safely. Yet it is those in cars who miss even more, with their air conditioners running, windows up, the engine burning fuel and maybe the radio blaring.  Again I see the amount of technology utilized as correlated with the amount of observation/experience of the natural present world one can have.

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