Saturday, May 7, 2011

Preferred in Trexlertown

I learned only recently of a fantastic gathering of cyclists who assemble twice annually in Trexlertown, PA. Each Spring and Fall the Valley Preferred Cycling Center is a dense gathering of bike shop owners, bike manufacturers, and individual cyclists with cash in hand to buy clothing, parts and bikes inside the confines of a velodrome. There are tattooed, black-clothed types mixing with streamlined shiny road bike types, there are the old and young, commuters and mountain bikers. Blankets are strewn on the grass and tables to sell wares; mainly cogs and derailers and wheels. 

I found for myself two nifty posters, decals, a new helmet and a new reflective orange short-sleeve jersey. And for my offspring a classic bicycling cap and poster (they are so, so lucky)! If this were not enough, this event is ripe for striking up conversations with so many cyclists, which is highly unlikely on the daily commute. For one, I met a bearded and beer-wielding connoisseur of antique American bikes, who waxed on the design and build of a 19th century velocipede birthed in Chicago. "..all of its components are from Illinois...Had you ever seen a bike link tread?" By this point, yes. And hopefully again in the Fall...

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safetystephen said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Got pictures of the antique bikes up?