Friday, April 29, 2011

Imagined in VeloOrange

Like every other bicyclist I am enjoying the Spring weather. With it I got a few rides in (Spring deluges and complicated schedules prevented more outings). One of them was late this afternoon, where I made a quick dash to the grocery store for dinner ingredients. I lock up with my own Ben-fashioned steel cable that stretches seven feet through my front and rear wheel, and through the loops of my panniers. Frankly, this lock has to go because it’s not hardy enough for a determined thief, but it is lightweight and easy to deal with.  The ride there is only one mile from my house, and today I slipped beyond so many motorists idling away their gasoline and rumps in car seats.

Here’s my bike imagined in a different color against the backdrop of the grocery store’s parking lot and entryway:

Earlier in the week I met a fellow cyclist on the morning commute. This is such a pleasure yet unfortunately a rarity. Riding in tandem gave a sense (mainly a false one) of greater security, as the car people SURELY saw TWO cyclists better than just one of us. We had the micro-collective going. A dyad! Are things changing for the better? I thought of Copenhagen then. And now I’m thinking of Copenhagen again. And reality is setting in…and Camp Hill is quite the opposite in terms of biking culture. One day….  ….I might move to Copenhagen….


rigtenzin said...

I like the idea of using drawings in a blog. I've been working on drawing and never even thought about posting any of them in my blog.

Alan Vanneman said...

Instead of Copenhagen, move to Philly! It's closer!