Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small Lenses and Tearing Eyes

I left home in 18F this morning, my lowest departing temperature. I am learning that cold is not an issue, save for my eyes which couldn't quite handle the cold wind hitting them at 15mph or when I went any faster. But I was nonetheless pleased to know that I could easily commute in this weather overall, as long as I am properly dressed. Again I passed by a father with his bike while he walked along with his son toward an elementary school. The experience they shared as they ambled toward school seemed very pleasant to me, and then I appreciated the father's chance to zip home via bicycle and get on with his day with an efficient, human-powered start.

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Mark said...

I am not a fan of riding when it's below 20 degrees. I have no problem staying warm, everywhere except my feet that is. I suppose if I got some some Lake MX300s it would make a difference. More power to you!