Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Bus Nut

Here’s how I rode yesterday morning: 12.4mph on average, and just 10 seconds under 22 minutes in the saddle…, a little slower than usual.  But it was quite cold this morning, and the air felt chillier than the reported 23*F.  Plus there was a good gust of wind in parts, especially at the end of my ride as I pulled around the back of the reclaimed farmland that is now my corporate office center.  But the weather is understandable and tolerable. Less so was a nut job bus driver who seemed to want to race me (with vengence, not sportingly) as the light at US15 & Market St turned green. I assume he had resentments of some sort, perhaps fueled his antibiker impulse? Positive attitudes about bicyclists can’t be expected to run well here in Central PA, where the surrounding rural culture stifles the innovative nature we cyclists must muster as we ride against the status quo autophiles. 


Mark said...

Nice temps to be riding. How's the snow? I haven't been on a bike in over a month.

Alan Vanneman said...

Ben, maybe you should ask Obama for some high-speed rail, with custom bike racks. Want to know why $65 million isn't enough? Go here:

Ben said...

Mark, I avoid the snow on the bike...seems to dangerous, with visions of me slipping into the front of car behind me.