Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Commuting to work has been relatively easy in this December's unusual mild weather. Last weekend I took advantage of this temperate spell and did a slew of errands by bike: newspaper & milk-run, gift grabbing at the mall, and a post office stop with a large package (bound for the parents of our Pakistani exchange student) strapped to my bike rack. The travels even revealed a new short-cut that only pedestrians and pedalers can use -- a nice discovery!


In the two years I've been blogging here (how long will I continue this? my inspiration is waning), there seem to be a greater number of cyclists in the area.  Below is one of their machines outside a local department store, with a good-sized cargo box. Those handlebars are pretty impressive too, ready to handle quite a bit of tough handling with so much leverage. 

Boscov's Bike

And yet another commuting bike entered my sights this morning. Stopping at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse I met another commuter, bound for Union Deposit Rd (quite a hike). His all black Cannondale was equipped with very roomy saddlebags (also black), disc brakes and a Planet Bike front blinker. I did suggest he add something reflective to his garb, which was also all black. Do be visible everyone!


Chafed said...

Nice to see you and I hope you stick around. I like reading about bicycle commuting in different parts of the country. Where's the sketch of your bicycle as an aside?

Ben said...

A sketch of my bike.....that's a good idea. For now, check the blog's masthead for a view of a portion of my bike. Where in LA are you?

anniebikes said...

I like Boscov's Bike. It reminds me that old mountain bikes make great commuters.

I enjoy your writing; you're the only blogger from PA that I follow. But I can appreciate if you are uninspired with writing posts. If it becomes a chore or takes you away from cycling, why continue?