Friday, November 18, 2011

What's Missing

Readers, take a look at the photo below:

What is missing? Do you know? For most Earthlings, it's no surprise that what is missing isn't known, because they drive their cars, insulated from the elements. Today's elements include a touch of rain -- that's a clue. Know what's missing now? Or have you not commuted enough in the elements? In them, as in commuting not sheltered from them. When you are exposed,  the cool moisture on a rainy Fall morning is available to the senses. As is the slick sound of tires pushing and skimming through a film of water on the road, and the gray horizon threatening rain on the return ride. These are more clues about what's missing. For the cyclists, I might have provided enough information. Here's another clue: it's in the trunk of my wife's Civic! What's missing in this photo? Might it be useful for the impending wintry mix as well?


Scott Loveless said...

They'll most definitely work for the wintry mix. When the snow starts falling, I like to make sure each of mine are set a little closer at the rear and a bit farther away at the front. That ensures nothing gets clogged.

Mark said...

My first inclination was to say cycling tights because I was once told to wear them once temps get down below 50 deg when riding roads (trails are much different) but then looking at the picture again if you were talking about tights I think you would have shown more leg so it has to be fenders.

Ben said...

Fenders! Correct.....unfortunately I have no prize!