Friday, October 28, 2011

Cops and Magazines

I exited the office into much cooler and grayer weather than I expected today. I dodged the smokers who so consistently block the doorway and unlocked my bike. By the time I had arced around Grandview and got to the hospital parking lot, I came upon the Frenchman again. He wasn't pedaling but walking rather hurriedly. He was rushing to meet a friend, so we had only a quick chat, but during our brief updates he explained that the crazy screaming car driver had harassed him yet again. This time, however, the Frenchman called the cops!  Excellent! Having quickly memorized the offending car's license plate number (a skill we cyclists must master), he was able to dispatch the police to whomever has been regularly causing him grief during his commutes (see my earlier post). There is nothing so unnverving as hearing a speeding car approaching your rear and then have to endure screams coming from their errant drivers!

Following our converstion I headed along the bypass to the local, last remaining big bookstore for some sketching. Locking up again to the gas pipes, I then sat near a magazine rack and took this impression:


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Hey Ben,
Rode my bicycle to work today but broke out the full parka. The numbers at the bank said 33 degrees. Stayed toasty and actually enjoyed the ride. My car is barely warmed up in the short distance of my commute. Fall and Spring are my favorite times for commuting.

Nice doodle.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Really nice capture. Happy Snowloween!

Ben said...

RCT: I rode in shorts yesterday, and when I got to the office I concluded that I won't do so again until April. Fall is ending here, and I'll keep pedaling, but I can't say I look forward to temps in the 20s.

JRA: glad you like the image!

She Rides a Bike said...

Nice. I need to find my pan watercolors and begin creating some urban sketches of my own; I'm hoping for a change in scenery soon so perhaps that will further motivate.

I'm glad to read that the Frenchman turned in his harasser. It needed to be done.