Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bikes (and tapas) in Frederick

It was a mass transit moment. My son and I drove to Frederick to rendezvous with his friend, who was using regional rail from Washington DC to reach us. Frederick is a midpoint between Washington and Harrisburg, so this kept said friend's mom off the crazy highways. Anyway, I had never been to old downtown Frederick before, but it was worth a couple hours of our time. Not only do I love pedestrian areas, but among the many restaurants was a fine tapas joint, albeit a pricey one, that was my son's first foray into Spanish food.

Needless to say, as we walked and dined, I snapped a few bike related photos.

Not sure if this pedal-cab would take you anywhere, but it did get you a  free ride to beer.

Not my style, but the color and flair are appreciated!


Bob - Daily Cyclist said...

My son laughs when we are out and I am checking out bicycles on the street. The more unique the more I want to check it out.

Ben said...

My kids roll their eyes when I pursue bicycles!