Sunday, July 17, 2011

Canadians (the ones in Ontario) Who Bike

We just returned from a week in Canada, at a relatively remote lake two hours north of Kingston, ON. To get there we cross the border at Cape Vincent, NY, then drive briefly across Wolf Island, which is a bicyclist haven. You get to realize this soon after arriving on the island. Very little traffic, beautiful scenery form an ideal setting for rolling about. Also, perhaps, it is nature's movement of so many wind turbines on the island that also reflects the human propulsion of bicycles.

Bicyclists are most common at the northern end of Wolf Island, where a larger (and free) ferry brings many of them en masse from Kingston, ON, to the island for various day trips. Some routes are 25km, others are up to 50km. Most roads are paved, others gravel. All of the routes seem, from what you can gather in your car as you drive through, wonderful. Unfortunately, I haven't ever had a chance to ride them. I did manage to grab a couple pot-shots of cyclists as they arrived in Marysville:


Anonymous said...

It's always neat to find enclaves of bicycles!

Mark said...

Do any fishing? I was just up in NW Quebec fishing.

Ben said...

I have done some fishing there, although I am more into sketching/drawing while the kids jump off rocks. This year, apparently, there were few fish to be found.