Friday, July 1, 2011

Bike and Sketch and Bike

The logistics of kid shuttling interfered with riding into work in today's cool, blue-skied weather, although post-office I did manage to ride over to the grocery store and sketch the rising tide of commuters who arrive there as they left their respective employers (I had arrived 30 minutes prior to the rush). The combination of riding and sketching is ideal, providing the double-agency combo of self-locomotion and artistic expression in one delightful dollop. It resulted in this sketch:

After perusing a couple art magazines at the neighboring big box bookstore I headed home to pack a picnic and rendezvous with family and friends. It was then that I made a new acquaintance who had transported himself to the park on a BikeE (below), and he was kind enough to let me ride it. 

Postured with a dash of recline against a fabric seat-back is quite a contrast to my leaning forward on the Trek, on which I support my weight on rubber grips. It took a moment to realize what a lower center of gravity is like while pedaling, but it was quite a comfortable ride. I also appreciated the proximity of the controls (lights, computer, brakes, etc) being much closer than on my hybrid. I'll order two of these for immediate shipping.

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Anonymous said...

Doria and I are utterly blown away by your sketch. Hello new Blackberry background screen!!!