Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Borneo Bicyclists

I feel pretty lucky to have a lead on bicycling in Borneo.  Last year we had an exchange student from Samarinda, and for the first time she’s been able to serve as a video correspondent for the bicycling scene in this equatorial town. As you will see below, many motorized scooters share a tight space with bicyclists here, as they move along past small shops at night in a cluster of vibrant, albeit noisy, energy.


Doria said...

That's pretty amazing! It looked almost like a biker parade at first with a bit of cycling on the side.

debby amalia soraya said...

they should be happy they are in your blog Dad

hope someday you will fixie-ing in samarinda :)

Ben said...

I think Debby that it's pretty likely I'll do a fixie ride there in the future! Will you soon send a video of you with your fixie friends?