Monday, February 28, 2011

NYC Bikes - February 2011

Mostly run down, these NYC bikes seem chosen for practical use and low monetary value, lest they be stolen. Also, bike lanes are less plentiful here than one would expect in such a large metropolis, although standing on the corner of Second Avenue and 5th, its bike lane was pretty busy on a Saturday afternoon, with a cyclist moving past every 30 seconds or so....
Lovely Seat
Rusty Yet Effective Looking Chain

This yellow seated bike seems extra speedy with its refined lines...


Mark said...

I am always amazed at what you will find with bikes in NYC, especially with the delivery people. Those modifications are an art in itself.

I love that Raleigh, guess you could call it a Gauxie or a Geared Fauxie.

Next time I am in the City I am going to have to pay more attention to the delivery bikes and try to capture some of the more unique adaptations.

Ben said...

Thanks Mark....I didn't have much time to shoot photos of bikes this time round. I have several snippets of video of bicyclists in the UK from a recent trip and hopefully will upload those soon.