Saturday, January 8, 2011

Final Views of UK Bikes

There is, at the risk of being so banal, a great number of bikes of many types in UK cities. Is it social psychology, policy, geography or the design of Britain's cities that makes this the case? And how do bikes affect the aforementioned factors? Will bikes lead to H.G. Wells's dream of utopia? Perhaps for riders only. 

Among all those I saw, bikes offer much more efficacy to their users because they are low tech machines that maximize the potential of human locomotion. And because they are easy to repair, manage and operate, the do not leave their users dependent on something out of their control. No additional infrastructure is needed for bicyclists, save for a relatively hard surface. And when paired with trailers and dynamos, bikes are all the more effective, whether to carry something or move along at night.

Edinburgh Bike with Trailer

Glasgow Parking Lot
Argyle Street Bridge

Wee Bike in Windermere

Liverpool Train Station

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