Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bikes for the North Koreans?

My friend at Literature R Us blogs almost daily and when he's not writing about Elvis or aliens he's making surgical quips about politics. Yesterday he flailed Secretary Gates for his exaggerated comments about North Korean war-tech. I may or may not agree with Alan but it wouldn't surprise me that the North Koreans' tech might be no more complex than a bicycle, given that they can't deliver a nuke farther than 800 miles WEST of Hawaii. Well, that's me blogging about bikes with the slightest provocation and with great stretches of logic, but what do you care? You want to read about bikes!  Anyway, this led me to wonder about other maladjusted, Stalinist or otherwise evil uses of bicycles. It turns out that unfortunately, our wonderful bicycles have in the past been put to diabolical purposes. 

In fact, NYC police were well concerned about bike bombs last spring as they cleared any potentially threatening object from a parade route, including bikes. And bikes, which in my view are the solution to all things fueled, were nefariously used by the IRA in attacks in Coventry decades ago, and more recently in Afghanistan. Alas, must we say that bikes don't kill people, people kill people?!?!?

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