Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sneh čoskoro ...

With some trepidation of the 22F temperature I decided to ride into the office this morning. I remain surprised at how effective my new Brooks shell is in keeping out the wind and cold. Tee shirt, turtle neck, fleece and shell kept me entirely warm, and the shell’s diaphanous hood under my helmet kept my head perfectly comfortable as well.  High tech effects! My heavy leather mittens and neoprene face mask also shielded me well, so save for my brow I was quite warm on the 4.5 mile ride…which according to my new wireless bike computer took 21’24” averaging 12.5 mph in light wind.

My return trip was a bit faster (but .4 miles shorter as well), and even as I stared down a million snowflakes as they pushed into my face. The snow was unanticipated.  Fortunately I took a break from my various analytic tasks at the ‘ole desk and looked out the window…and it was really coming down. So, I quickly changed and hopped on the Trek. No slippy spots at all, but I felt a touch jittery in the arms as I imagined spinning out in spots.

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