Wednesday, December 22, 2010

England Bound

In the future I will have a brief stay in England, and of course I'm hoping to borrow or rent a bike a couple times. Hopefully I won't kill myself riding on the opposite side of the road, especially if I have the nerve and impulse to take a photo while riding. I've prepared for this contingency by bending an L-bracket into a U-shape, which in turn is easily secured to handlebars with a pipe clamp.  Once affixed to a handlebar or wheel fork, a quarter-inch screw then fits through the bracket (along with a few washers to take up the space), making it a mini-camera mount that fits just about anywhere.  My Sony digital camera will capture any rides I manage to get in, which I then hope to post here! The downside to this low-tech approach is lots of vibration and wind in the microphone. While we have recently upgraded to a Canon FS31 camcorder, I don't think I'll be strapping that one to my bike anytime soon. Another approach I could take would be to purchase an FPV camera (a mere 30 bucks) that could conceivably be attached to the wheel bolt for a low to the ground view. Stay tuned my avid readers for more video!

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