Friday, December 17, 2010

Dandy Horses and Such

Google Books is a treasure trove and there is no shortage of titles on bicycles within its vast dBase confines. One tome by Velox (a pseudonym) is worth quoting for its anachronistic formality, because it's, well, sort of funny:

Whether velocipedes are only the ‘toy of the hour’ or are destined to become a permanent adjunct to our civilization and everyday life or not, no one can doubt their extending popularity, or that there exists a widespread desire to know  how to use, and the best for construction for, the new wheel-horse of the period.

Well said, Velox!  I thought of riding my own “wheel horse” today but I’m not sure if I was doubting whether my "bike" (as we tend to call them today) was the “toy of the hour” or simply was put off by snow on the ground! HA! More on this 19th century book later...

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Alan Vanneman said...


What you really need is a marine velocipede, aka podoscaphe, aka vélocipède marin (see page 108)