Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Riding Again...

A gray veil of clouds protected me this morning as I rode from the Y (where the kids are now dropped)(important note: my son provided excellent advice on leaving car at Y and biking from its parking lot!) to the incorporated farmland where my office sits and promotes runoff. Having been spared by cumulous cover, I had a relatively cool ride, including through a construction site where I was duly recognized by the "Slow" "Stop" sign people (who knows when they'll miss a bike???). A new donut shop is also en route to the office, enabling purchase of a bagel. But why does that matter? What matters is the bagel shop itself, which is designed for cars only. There is no seating inside or outside -- green space is miniminzed, macadam maximized. Sad. Uninspired. Inhuman. Perhaps a bagel place for bikes and pedestrians only? 


J said...

fazaerchez, i do not enjoy your blog content, it does not amuse me or sofus's bladders, please b log about something worthwhile, buttbags are NOT worthwhile, they're boring and disturbingly ridiculous,
your faithful correspondent, J.M.C.
that's me

Ben said...

Hmmm JMC....perhaps you are not enlighted about "butt bags" because you have not had the pleasure of carrying your model rockets in them?